Governments strategy is intimidation and harassing opposition: Ex-VP Jameel

Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed kisses his mother on the forehead upon arrival at Velana International Airport on October 6, 2018 after being in self-imposed exile at the UK in 2015 following attempts to impeach him | Photo: Dr Jameel

Male’, Maldives – Former Vice President Dr. Mohamed Jameel has questioned the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), if they can only ensure justice after repeated harassment of the opposition leadership.

Jameel, who is also the head of Former President legal defense team of Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has been harshly criticizing the government as of late.

In his tweet, he asked MDP, if they can only ensure justice after repeated harassment of the opposition leadership, adding that the current state of the government’s lack of commitment to ensuring justice is very apparent looking at the Safari rape case, and the amount of drug abuse cases.

He also stated that the main strategy of this government was on intimidation even though the people in this administration advocated against it when they were the opposition.

Dr. Jameel had also attached screenshots of articles on the 149 kg drug case, charges on opposition leaders, Mundhu Shareef’s recent summon to Police along with an article in which Home Minister Imran commended last Friday’s sermon.

Jameel further stated that a good Friday sermon is not enough, and that rectifying actions would be much better.

Jameel’s criticism of the government has become much more frequent after he has allegedly faced numerous diffulties in Yameen’s trial. Jameel has said that providing legal counsel Yameen has been very difficult due to improper influence by the government in courts and Maafushi Prison- where Yameen is serving his 5 year money laundering sentence.