Seven arrested for possession of drugs

Photo: Police Media

Malé, Maldives — Seven people have been arrested for possession of drugs in the capital Malé city.

According to Maldives Police Service, the Drug Enforcement Department (DED) recently carried out an operation, where a house in the greater Malé area was searched by the police.

After the police intelligence were tipped off regarding the case, police executed the operation under a court order on 14th September.

Police revealed that seven people were arrested along with large number of drugs and cash that were discovered in the Henveiru Ward. The seven people who were arrested are between the age 19 and 28.

Police gave further details about the raid revealing that 42 film canisters, 28 rubber packets, 216 cellophane covers and small plastic bags, substances assumed to be drugs as well as 255 pills of prohibited medicines and substances and a bottle of alcohol were discovered in the house. In addition to these, MVR 17,150 were also found.