Registration made compulsory for fruits and vegetables businesses

Male' Local Market | Photo: Corporate Maldives

Male’, Maldives — It is now compulsory for fruits and vegetable businesses to be registered following the beginning of implementation of regulations with regards to the sale of produce.

According to the guidelines which have been implemented effective as of 3rd October, any on going unregistered businesses carrying out the sale of fruits and vegetables would be subject to a fine of MVR 10,000. Any failure to comply with the set standards of such facilities will also be met with a fine worth MVR 5,000.

Any further insubordination despite the initial actions would be met with the closure of the facility, with the details of the outlet publicized on the government’s Gazette.

All businesses dealing with the sale of fruits and vegetables, with the exemption of shops, bakeries, canteens, tea shops, cafe’s, restaurants and cafeterias, must comply with the regulations. As such all such businesses are required to register with the Ministry fo Economic Affairs within 30 days of the implementation of the guidelines.

Registrations are currently open via the online portal of the Ministry,