Every naval vessel is not coming to invade us: Minister Shahid

Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Shahid | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – Addressing the oppositions’ claims that the sovereignty of Maldives at risk as Indian army personnel continue to be stationed in Maldives, Foreign Minister Shahid has said that every time naval ships comes, does not mean their aim is to invade the country.

Speaking to local new outlet “Sun”, Minister Shahid stated that there are no foreign armies present in the country since the British left Gan, Addu City. However, he highlighted that there are soldiers of the Indian and Sri Lankan as well as armies of global super powers which come from time to time for training purposes, always under the set regulations. As such, since the Male’ Port is easily accessible, the naval vessels come via the Port, said the Minister.

“Every time a naval ship comes, they are not invading us. The come here through set regulations, being granted diplomatic clearance, and then they leave” the Minister said.

Minister Shahid also highlighted that such trainings in collaboration with other countries is not something that just happens in the Maldives, and that it is common in other countries as well. He also stressed the importance of these programs as it helps the country be better prepared for emergencies.

He reassured that not a single grain of sand would be let to be occupied from this country.