Victim of domestic violence sent to Kulhudhuffushi for treatment

Aerial view of Kulhudhuffushi City | Photo: Abooish

Kulhudhuffushi, Maldives – A female who got domestically abused in Ha. Hoarafushi has been sent to Kulhudhuffushi for further treatment.

According to the Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services, authorities are currently taking care of the victim of domestic violence that took place on Tuesday night at Hoarafushi island. The ministry assured the safety of the victim’s children and revealed that the victim has been sent to Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital for further care and treatment.

The ministry also told that they had made sure that the children of the victim were also being taken care of. 

Although the victim is currently recovering from the injuries, the council of Hoarafushi revealed that the woman had received several injuries including a broken finger and difficulties in swallowing food and fluids as well.

As protective measures need to be taken due to Covid-19, the Council told that the victim was moved to her home in Kulhudhuffushi where she would continue to receive treatment. According to the city council, she was released from the hospital and moved to her home last night.