Issues faced by Maldives Blood Bank will be solved: VP Faisal

Vice President Faisal Naseem speaking to local media officials at HEOC | Photo: Presidents Office

Malé, Maldives — The Vice President of Maldives, Faisal Naseem has announced that he will work on solving the issues that are being faced by the Maldivian Blood Service (MBS).

On 4th November, Vice President Faisal held a meeting with the managers of MBS to discuss the latest issues faced by MBS, in providing their services.

The meeting was held at the President’s Office, where the managers of MBS and Vice President Faisal discussed specifically about the preparations that are being carried out to start telecommunication in the hospital.

They also communicated to the VP about the ongoing attempts of MBS in digitalizing the medical reports of their patients and how MBS has been working on making the services more effective and productive.

While MBS is working on providing their services at their best rate, Vice President Faisal requested to include the participation of all the required stakeholders when taking important decisions.

The Vice President further ensured that he will help MBS in solving any issues that they may face in providing a better service for their patients.