Issue of increased mugging and kidnappings raised at parliament

MP Mohamed Nihad of Feydhoo constituency | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – The issue of increased mugging and kidnapping, which has sparked fear among the Maldivian community has been raised with the Parliament today, requesting measures for quick action.

Bringing the issue to the attention of the Parliament, MP for Feydhoo constituency in Addu City, Mohamed Nihad stated that a case of theft or mugging is not reported on the mainstream and social media is rare and that it has come to the point where “we cannot be sure whether the skirt we’re wearing today will be there when we wake up tomorrow,” highlighting the situation the country is moving towards.

Speaking about the condition of his constituency, Nihad said that while the cases of theft has increasing immensely in Feydhoo, authorities continue to nab those who commit the crimes, even when the perpetrator is identified.

He also added that the reason behind such crimes is drugs, and that one of the biggest investments the government should make right now is towards the rehabilitation of youth who have become drug addicts and towards arresting those in the business of drug trafficking.

Nihad’s motion was accepted to the Parliament with a total of 24 votes, at a time when the country has recently witnessed the kidnapping of a woman for the purpose of extortion, as well as another case of hijacking over ownership conflict of a fishing vessel. All members who addressed the issue highlighted such events which have taken place as of recent, and called upon authorities to tackle the issue of drugs which the country is facing.