Wastebag collection timings in Male’ to be changed

Mayor of Malé City, Shifa Mohamed | Photo: HEOC

Male’, Maldives – Male’ City Council has stated that it is working on resolving the issue of waste bags being placed in the streets of Male’ City for collection without a specific timing.

Changes had been brought to the waste collection regulations of WAMCO due to the Covid-19 pandemic and residents were expected to bring out the waste in sealed bags within a certain time period informed by WAMCO. They previously announced that waste is to be placced outside between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm. However, delays in the waste collection lead to deposition of waste on the roads of Male’ and many locals had expressed their concern over this.

Mayor of Male’ City Shifa Mohamed said that it has been decided to change the timing during which waste would be collected from Male’ City in order to find a solution to the problem of waste bags remaining on the roads of Male’ throughout the day. Mayor Shifa said that waste will now be collected between 10:00 pm and 12:00 am at night and that residents would have to place their trash outside accordingly.

Mayor further noted that with the implementation of the new timing, it would make it much easier for WAMCO staff to collect the waste and that it will bring an end to waste remaining in the roads of Male’ throughout the day and will make the path easier for Male’ to become a cleaner place. However, the council has not yet announced an exact date for the implementation the new regulation.