MDP has always deceived Addu people: Dr Jameel

Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed | Photo: Minivan News Archive

Male’, Maldives – Former Vice President Dr.Mohamed Jameel has said that Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) has always been deceiving the citizens of Addu.

Former VP Jameel made the statements following the retirement of Former Assistant Commissioner of Police Dr.Abdullah Phairoosch. Some people have also said that Dr.Phaoroosch’s retirement was due to the new amendment to the police Act.

Regardig the new Police Act, Dr.Jameel said that the main purpose of the new Police Act is to take revenge and that this was a very retarded action as a nation. Im addition to this, Jameel said that expressing happiness after taking the initiative in destroying youngster’s futures is a shameful act and further raised the question as to where the independent society im which there is no fear of unemployment promised by the current administration is.

Today its Dr.Phairoosch, who will be the victim tomorrow? The current administration has always been deceiving the nation, specially Addu citizens.

Dr.Mohamed Jameel

While Former Assistant Commissioner of Police Dr.Abdullah Phairoosch is an Addu citizen, MDP has been continually criticising him as he was the acting Commissioner of Police during the time when Nasheed’s Administration was over thrown. MDP members also accuse Phairoosch of playing a huge role in overthrowing Nasheed’s administration and have called out the Government to investigate the matter numerous times.