Over 2 months with no baggage scanner at Fuvahmulah Airport

Travelers boxes being cut open to inspect as scanner machine in broken. | Photo: Social Media.

Fuvahmulah City, Maldives— The airport of one of the most populated cities of Maldives, Fuvahmulah city, has been cutting the boxes of travelers as a method to inspect as they have no scan machine available.

Several travelers have complained about the delay in scanning their luggage in the Fuvahmulah Regional Airport, as the airport which is crossed by multiple travelers everyday is cutting up the travelers boxes one by one to inspect it as they have no baggage scanner machine available.

A Fuvahmulah resident shared their concern to local media outlet ‘Avas’ and stated that it has been several days since the baggage scanner in Fuvahmulah Airport broke down and that the delay in fixing the machine has caused numerous difficulties for the residents.

Now, each box is being opened up and inspected. Through this process, several personal things of people are being placed on the table to inspect. This is cause for much embarrassment.

Airport employee who requested to remain anonymous

The Fuvahmulah Airport is under the care of the Regional Airport Company that was established recently by the government to operate the regional airports.

The Managing Director of Regional Airport Company, Mohamed Rizvi spoke to local media outlet, ‘Avas’ and informed that while it has been not long since the company was established, airports have not been handed over yet and that the company has still not started to operate properly. However, he noted that they are very closely monitoring the baggage scanner machine issue of Fuvahmulah Airport.

Rizvi informed that a part of the scanner machine in Fuvahmulah Airport is broken and that they have earlier already ordered for a new spare part, however, he stated that there has been a delay in the shipping.