Visit Maldives successfully completes three marketing campaigns to promote Maldives

Lily Beach Resort | photo:

Male’, Maldives — Visit Maldives has officially concluded three of their marketing campaigns to promote the Maldives tourism and increase exposure as a safe destination during the pandemic.

3 Month Skyscanner Campaign

Visit Maldives concluded a campaign on January that was initiated on October of 2020 with the leading global travel marketplace Skyscanner.

This three-month campaign targeted the three key markets before the International border of Maldives were closed and reopened on July 15. They are the Italy, UK, and Russian markets. This campaign was also a success and it had reached an estimated amount of 9.6 million people from the three markets combined.

Skyscanner has informed that during the three-month campaign period, they had observed a huge increase in searches, highlighting underlying demand to travel to Maldives.

Online Campaign with Travelata, Sletat Russia and Squizz for Russian Travel Agencies

The second marketing campaign released by the Visit Maldives was their Marketing Campaign with the Russian online travel agencies, Travelata, Sletat Russia and Squizz which concluded with outstanding success with the campaign a total of 6,133 packages being sold through the platform during September and November 2020.

Over a course of three webiners, Travelta had also updated over 300 travel agents with the latest destination news regarding the island nation with the intiative creating a special landing page with information regarding the Maldives. Through this page, Travelta had sent newsletters to over 412,329 users around the world.

Squizz Online Test was the last component of the combined marketing campaign for agents organized by Travelata and Sletat.Ru. This platform had questions regarding the new safety rules, destination overview, experiences, and activities in the Maldives for the users to answer.

A total of 500 questionnaires were received for the final stage of the quiz where the Visit Maldives had informed that over 2,500 agents had taken part in all activities during the campaign. This initiative was also a great success for the Visit Maldives as it had served one of the purposes of the marketing campaigns, maintaining destination presence and promoting Maldives as a safe haven for tourists.

Profi + Travel’s E-Learning Platform

Finally, Profi + Travel’s E-Learning Platform was also a success as over 9,800 travel agents took part in the e-learning. 

The purpose of the Profi + Travel’s E-Learning Platform was to encourage tour operators in Russia and CIS Region to increase bookings to the Maldives.

The platform would educate the travel agents all about the Maldives along with assisting them in choosing the best travel option for their customers. Along with this, the e-learning platform also educated the travel agents about the Maldives tourism products, showcase tourist attractions, historical sites, culture and more.

As a reward for the participants who had successfully proved their knowledge on the destination were awarded with a certificate from the Visit Maldives. And for the agents who had successfully completed the training with the highest number of bookings were awarded with a special offer to spent their holidays at the Furaveri Maldives, Paradise Island Resort and Grand Park Kodhipparu. 

Visit Maldives has informed that the winning agents are from LLC, Kazan, London-Paris, Rostov-on-Don, PLANETA TRAVEL, Perm and that they have generated 218 bookings through this marketing campaign.

Maldives aims to reach pre-Covid-19 arrival numbers by the end of 2022, as well as promote Maldives as a safe haven to tourists during the pandemic.