Malé Councillors inauguration to be held online as HPA denies permission

Newly elected Malé City Council members | Photo: thepress

Malé, Maldives – The Inauguration ceremony of the newly elected Malé City Council President and councillors, and the signing ceremony of the new Women’s Development Committee (WDC) Malé members which was to be held at Sultan Park tomorrow morning, is now to be held online, as Health Protection Agency (HPA) refused to give permission to conduct it.

A lot of people had criticized the decision to hold the ceremony at Sultan Park, considering the huge increase in new positive cases in Malé. This was one of the reasons why HPA decided to keep the ceremony online.

Malé City Council’s Media Officer Shathufa Shafeeu stated that HPA had denied permission to hold the ceremony at Sultan Park. She added that the ceremony will commence online.

The City Council stated that the ceremony would be held tomorrow morning at 09:00. The ceremony is to be broadcasted live on TVM and City Council’s Facebook page. Apart from Malé, all the other islands’ councillors are to be inaugurated tomorrow. This ceremony will be held online.