Official residences to be appointed for Speaker and Chief Justice

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (C) seen with Chief Justice Muthasim Adnan (L) and Parliament Speaker, former President Mohamed Nasheed (R) in a ceremony to mark the judicial new year on February 18, 2020 | Photo: Presidents Office

Malé, Maldives – Parliamentary Committee on National Security has passed the bill calling for amendments to be brought to the law to arrange Speaker of the Parliament and Chief Justice of Maldives.

The bill submitted to bring amendments to the law concerning judges in order to arrange a residence for the Chief Justice and the bill to bring amendments to the Parliament law to arrange an official residence for the Speaker was passed without many changes to the existing bill.

Minor changes were brought to both bills such as clarifying ‘official residence’ as any living space, which was changed so that even a place such as a flat can be arranged instead of a private house according to the Chairperson of the Subcommittee investigating the bill and MP of North Maafannu Constituency Imthiyaaz Fahumy. This change was made to both bills.

Another change to the bill includes further detailing who can reside with the Chief Justice at his residence. The original bill stated that Chief Justice’s spouse, parents and children can live at the residence. However, the changes brought by the subcommittee further details that children below 18 years of age, children with disabilities and unmarried children can reside with the Chief Justice at the residence.

The bill was passed by the Parliamentary Committee on National Security as it was brought by the subcommittee, without further changes. The same amendments made by the subcommittee to the Chief Justice bill was also made to the Speaker bill.