Amilla Fushi collaborates with OceanЯ for eco-friendly products

The luxury resort in UNESCO preserved Baa Atoll, named Amilla Fushi | Photo: Travel Center Maldives

Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences collaborate with OceanЯ to produce eco-friendly custom-made uniforms and accessories.

Adam Chubbbock, the Recycled Clothing Sales Coordinator at OceanЯ proudly announced the partnership, and added a note of thanks to the Sustainability Manager at Amilla Victoria Kruse, for her hard work in bringing this together.

Speaking on the collaboration, Amilla noted their eagerness to learn more about OceanЯ’s products, as a resort that strongly focuses on sustainability.

“Every day our landscaping team cleans plastic waste from our beaches so any initiative to remove this waste and use it in a beneficial way was most welcomed by us at Amilla! OceanЯ predominantly use recycled polyester, such as used plastic bottles to create their products which is perfect for what we were looking for.”

They further highlighted that the rollout of the new products was “seamless and the whole process was simple.”

OceanЯ is a brand that specializes in designing and supplying eco-friendly apparels and products. They partner with luxury resorts, private islands, superyachts and sailing clubs across the globe to help achieve their sustainability goals.

Their team will design and customize products that are exclusive to the partner’s brand.