Expat teachers arriving in Maldives to quarantine for 5 days

Sharafuddin School students | Photo: Sharafuddin School

Malé, Maldives – Ministry of Education on Thursday, informed local schools to ensure that expatriate teachers arriving to Maldives for this starting academic year, quarantine for 5 days.

The Ministry stated in their letter to local schools, that although people who have been fully vaccinated with World Health Organisation approved vaccines and those who have recovered from Covid-19 while in Maldives do not have to quarantine, local councils have expressed concern over the current regulations.

They added that discussions have been made with Health Protection Agency over the issue and that they have come to the decision to mandate a 5 day quarantine for expatriate teachers arriving in Maldives. The teachers will be quarantined in the island in which they work.

Along with this, a release sample will be taken after the 5 day quarantine. The teachers will be allowed to return to work after a negative result has been obtained. The new academic year is to start on August 10 according to current regulations.