May 6 terror suspect previously released citing no threat to society

May 6 Attack suspect Mohamed Thasleem | Photo: MPS

Malé, Maldives – Local news Adhadhu reports that the Criminal Court of Maldives released May 6 terror attack suspect Mohamed Thasleem, after arrest prior to the attack, citing no apparent thread to society.

In 2017, the police raided the office of Attic Pvt. Ltd., Ma. Kinaaraa House, and Ma. Namoonaage located around the same area in Malé city in a police operation and found a large amount of chemicals needed to create explosives. Four suspects were caught at the crime scene, including Thasleem, attempting to build explosive devices.

Thasleem is also one of the masterminds of the May terror attack targeting Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed.

While the 2017 case was filed at the Criminal Court in the same year, the trial is still in the preliminary stages. Thasleem was released on 4 October 2018. Local news Adhadhu reports citing a credible copy of the Criminal Court proceedings that Thasleem was released stating that he was no threat to society.

Since two of the arrested suspects have been released and has shown no threat to society, it is unfair to detain others [for the same case]

Criminal Court regarding Thasleem’s release

Thasleem was released with some conditions. While the state has appealed Thasleem’s case to the High Court of Maldives, the case has been revoked following the May 6 attack.

The May 6 terror attack suspect, Mohamed Thasleem was arrested on 24 May 2021, in Addu City. Police suspect him of promoting radical ideology and recruiting members. He is also suspected to be a prime suspect who engineered the May 6 attack.