BREAKING: PGO decides to not prosecute Fathih at present

Ahmed Fathih arrested in connection to the May 6 Terror Attack | Photo: Maldives Police

Male’, Maldives – Prosecutor General’s Office has decided to not prosecute Ahmed Fathih, a suspect involved in the terror attack against Former President and Current Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed on May 6, 2021.

Speaking at an ongoing press conference, Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem states that after considering the information currently received from the investigation, the PGO has decided to not prosecute Fathih yet. Noting that the investigation is still ongoing, PG Shameem refrained from revealing further details regarding Fathih.

Police earlier informed that Fathih is a suspect in the case of the bomb attack made on Speaker Nasheed and is allegedly the individual who parked the IED attached motorcycle at the detonation location.

According to Police, Fathih had previously worked for the Police Intelligence, however, later resigned from the job himself. Home Minister Imran informed that Fathih was not working in a department related to terrorism while he served at the Police Intelligence.

While PGO has already prosecuted a 33-year-old individual from Hoarafushi, Haa Alif Atoll, Mohamed Thasleem, Alanaasige, for having played a major role in the terror attack against Speaker Nasheed, PGO today sent charges against four suspects involved in the terror attack. They are Mujaz Ahmed (21), Thahmeen Ahmed (32), Ahmed Adhuham Rasheed (26) and Ali Haisham (27).

A total of 10 suspects have been arrested in connection to the case. They are:

  • Ali Haisham, 27, Nooreege, N. Manadhoo
  • Is’haq, M. Kudhehige, K. Male’
  • Fahumy Ali, Hudhuruvaage, GA. Vilingili
  • Mohamed Nazim, Asareege, AA. Maalhos
  • Abdulla Ali Manik, Bahaaruge, HA. Molhadhoo
  • Mohamed Thasleem, Alanaasige, HA. Hoarafushi
  • Ahmed Adhuham Rasheed, 26, Hiyaa, GDh. Thinadhoo
  • Mujaz Ahmed, 21, Ma. Feyruge, K. Male’
  • Thahmeen Ahmed, 32, Folheyma, GA. Kondey
  • Ahmed Fathih, 23, Dhunfini Ufaa, L. Gan.

Speaking at the latest press conference held by the Police, Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed informed that they have arrested several individuals who are suspected to have played a major role in persuading and interacting with the suspects that President Nasheed needed to be attacked and killed. They are Mohamed Thasleem, Is’haq and Ali Haisham.