Over a million personal files found in possession of photo leak cybercriminal

Photo: Alamy

Malé, Maldives – Police have said that around a million photos and files were found in the possession of Maldivian cybercriminals who hacked and leaked the contents of a personal smartphone device on social media.

Criminal Court Masaid bin Sameeu (36), Ma. Ispanjuge, Malé was arrested in August 2021 and remanded for an initial 10 days, extended the suspect’s remand for an addition 6 days on 1 September 2021.

Masaid is charged with hacking and leaking contents of a smartphone on social media, with the Police sharing evidence of his IP address and screenshots of leaked content. In addition, Masaid is also accused of running a telegram group that shares indecent images of victims.

At the remand hearing, the Maldives Police stated that upon investigating the two TB hard drive at his office, over one million photos and personal files were found. Police also found 2 more hard drives at his office and 7 from his home.

Prosecutor Generals Office requested the court for remand to custody since the perpetrator has victimized multiple people and has the ability to harm victims from home.

Masaid also has a previous cybercrime record.