Japan donates USD 3 million to the Maldives for the provision of Sea Ambulance

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Ahmed Khaleel (R) and the Ambassador of Japan to the Maldives Keiko Yanai (L) | Photo: Foreign Ministry

Malé, Maldives – The Government of Japan has provided grant aid of 400 Million Japanese Yen (approximately 3 million USD) to the Maldives to promote economic and social development in the country.

This grant aid will be utilised to further strengthen the capacities of the health service providers in the country. This includes the provision of a sea ambulance equipped with the necessary medical systems and trained staff to be used in the event of a serious illness or medical condition, and on emergency evacuations.

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Khaleel and the Ambassador of Japan to the Maldives, Keiko Yanai signed the Exchange of Notes relating to the grant aid, at a ceremony held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today.

While speaking at the ceremony State Minister Khaleel highlighted that the assistance extended by the Government of Japan is a much needed and timely boost to the capabilities of the sea ambulance service and will ensure reliable and uninterrupted service for emergency transfer or medical evacuation of patients during rough weather conditions.

The demand for Sea Ambulance services has increased immensely, especially due to the ongoing global pandemic … The health sector is constantly struggling to match its resources and capabilities.

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Ahmed Khaleel

State Minister Khaleel thanked the Government of Japan for the grant aid, characterising it as yet another important gesture of Japan’s goodwill and extraordinary generosity to the Maldives.

Japan has continued to provide support to the Maldives in various areas of development.

The government of Japan pledged USD 3.7 million to develop the operations at the MRCC in February 2021, while in November 2020, Japan donated USD 7.6 million. In July 2021, Japan provided grant aid of approximately USD 998,000 to the Maldives under the Japanese Project for Human Resource Development (JDS).

The friendly nation has also donated medical equipment and 112,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses to the Maldives this year.