ACC member not appointed past the mandated date by law

Members of ACC | Photo: President's Office

Malé, Maldives – A member for the Anti Corruption Commission of the Maldives (ACC) has not been appointed past the date mandated by the law.

The Anti-Corruption Commission Act 13/2008 (ACC Act) dictates that the President of Maldive must appoint a new member within 60 days of resignation by a previous member.

Yesterday marked the 60th day since the resignation of Ali Ashraf who resigned from the ACC on 2 December 2021.

The other 4 members also resigned soon after Ashraf on 27 December 2021 amid pressures from the parliament leaving a void in accountability for corruption.

Concerns have been raised about corruption regarding the upcoming Komandoo elections with no legal entity to investigate such complaints.

ACC consists of five Commission Members, appointed by the President of the Maldives with approval of the Peoples Majilis (Parliament). The president and vice president of the Commission is selected by members of the Commission. Term of members is five years with the possibility of renewal for another term, with approval of the Parliament. The President of the Commission is the primary head of the institution responsible for oversight and delegation of tasks to Commission Members, Secretary General and staff. The Commission is accountable to the Parliament and President, through submission of annual reports, and annual audited financial statements.