Dialysis centres to be established in all hospitals this year: Health Minister Naseem

Dialysis Center in Fuvahmulah Hospital | Photo: Doctors.mv

Malé, Maldives – Minister of Health Ahmed Naseem on Wednesday stated that dialysis centres will be established in all hospitals in the Maldives this year.

Minister Naseem said this while answering questions by parliamentarians at today’s session.

In the upcoming two months three hospitals will be equipped with dialysis centres … [Namely] Lh. Naifaru Hospital, [B.] Eydhafushi Atoll Hospital and Sh. Atoll Hospital.

Health Minister Naseem

Minister Naseem further added that statistics show that kidney related diseases are increasing in the Maldives and preparations are being made to equip all hospitals in the Maldives with dialysis centres.

The Minister also announced that 25 regional hospitals are to be tendered this year. The 25 hospitals include 12 hospitals with 30-bed capacity, 7 hospitals with 50-bed capacity and 3 tertiary hospitals with 100-bed capacity. He also announced 3 hospitals without a set bed capacity.

The projects are to be completed under the Line of Credit from EXIM Bank India and loans from Kuwait.