Thoddoo watermelon harvest fruitful, prices will hold

Watermelon farmlands in Thoddoo | Photo: Avas

Thoddoo, Maldives – Thoddoo Island Council has revealed that this year’s watermelon harvest has been the most abundant in the island’s history.

Although the prices of watermelons from Thoddoo rose due to high demand due to its popularity among Maldivians during Ramadan, this year the prices are expected to remain the same as pre Ramadan prices, said the island council.

“Not much change has come to the prices. The price of a kilogram pre Ramadan was MVR 15.00 and it is still the same.” Secretary General of Thoddoo Council Mohamed Faaiq said.

He also added that this year has been a prosperous one for Thoddoo farmers, and that the farm lands are doing well with out disease and that the amount of damaged harvest is very low as well.

Adding that the council is currently working on finding out exactly how much watermelon was harvested this time, Faaiq said that currently 100 tonnes of watermelon are being exported out of the island.

With the abundance in supply, it is expected for Thoddoo watermelon to be available in the market throughout this Ramadan.