Addu City Council calls for immediate action following gang-related homicide

Police presence in Addu City | Photo: Addulive

Addu City, Maldives – Addu City Council on Thursday released a statement calling for immediate action to restore peace following gand-related homicide.

Mohamed Zayan Moosa (21), Solid, S. Feydhoo died due to injuries from a violent attack in the early hours of Thursday. The attack is reportedly a retaliation due to a drug-related feud between two Feydhoo gangs. Prior to the attack, a 19 year old was critically injured on Tuesday.

Violence is unacceptable and [the Addu City Council] strongly condemns the attacks … Such acts happening in the community is deeply concerning.

Addu City Council further expressed concern, stating that the “inhumane” action of taking a life is against Islam, the constitution and international treaties that the Maldives is a part of.

The Council called for strictest action against perpetrators and urged the authorities to restore peace in the community.

Maldives Police Service has not made an arrest in the gang violence cases.