President Solih announces candidacy for 2023 presidency

The President’s Office, Male’ – Speaking at a press conference held today, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has expressed his hopes of winning the next presidential elections in 2023. The President has said that he will be running for another term in next year’s election, alongside the coalition, with the hopes of a definite win.

I am sure that an MDP-led coalition will be a guaranteed win for me in the 2023 elections, I am the choice if you want MDP to continue its rule

President Solih

President Solih said this pointing out that no party can win the elections, on their own, free from a coalition with others. The President believes that his current coalition government can run for another term at office and win the elections. However, he also informed that MDP’s candidate will be decided by the party’s congress itself.

The President also focused on the ongoing talks of a vulnerable Maldivian economy that has stirred up the press and social media, stating that such talk is made up by those who seek political advantages and to create fear and confusion amongst the people. President Solih said, even with the changes in the global economy and the consequent shortcomings the country would be facing inevitably, there will be ways to move forward. He has optimistically mentioned that Maldives too will act accordingly and its economy will be improving as well. He also reassured that the foreign reserves are not in danger and could also cover up for necessities such as food, energy and medicine, satisfactorily up until the end of the year.

In the wake of President Solih’s press conference today, MDP’s President and Speaker of Majilis, Mohamed Nasheed has tweeted a rather critical opinion of his own. Nasheed’s tweets said that he personally does not think that under the current circumstances, it is right to put forward one’s own hopes of winning the presidency. He suggests that it is rather a time to exercise caution on foreign reserves and think of the security of the citizens, than preparing to win elections or talk about it. Speaker Nasheed has formerly announced that he will be contesting for presidential primaries from MDP in the next elections.