Racing event to be held in Addu

Previous racing event in Addu monitored by Police | Photo: Unknown

Addu City, Maldives – A racing event organised by Racing Association of Maldives has been confirmed to be held in Addu City.

A meeting to discuss the event, which is to take place during August of this year, was held with Addu City Council and Addu Police yesterday.

Speaking to local news outlet “adduLIVE”, Mayor Ali Nizar said that while the racing event is set to be held in August, racing arrangements have been made for the racing association even now.

He also added that this event would require the assistance of Maldives Police Service and that it would greatly benefit the racing community of Addu.

The racing event will be held on one of the tarmac paved roads of the city. This will be done on a specific day during set timings, with the road blocked and other safety measures in place. So holding such an event will not be too much of an issue. Police support will also be significant in this.

Mayor Ali Nizar, Addu City, 2022

The race, which has been named “Raas Championship 2022” will be held in all cities of the country, and will be held in Addu from 12-13th August.