Police officer sentenced for smuggling phones to prison

Police operation | Photo: Maldives Police Service

Malé, Maldives – Criminal Court of Maldives has sentenced a police officer who tried to smuggle a phone into Dhoonidhoo jail.

The incident occurred on July 25, 2020. The prosecution charged Anas Ali, of Laamu Dhanbidhoo, in connection with the case.

Police found a Nokia mobile phone and a battery in the right pocket of Anas’ uniform jacket. Search of his living quarters in the Dhoonidhoo accommodation found three SIM cards and a Nokia phone hidden inside his cupboard. Police also recovered 18 notes written to bring prohibited items in to the jail.

Police also recovered a Nokia mobile phone from under the pillow of Anas’ bed.

Anas was charged with attempting to smuggle a prohibited substance into a detention center.

While Anas has denied the charges, he said the items were taken from his residence but not when he was about to enter in to Dhoonidhoo prison area.

A police officer who testified against Anas in the case said he had received information that he was smuggling prohibited items into the jail. As a friend, he advised Anas not to do so, he said.

Other policemen also testified against Anas Ali. However, no witnesses were submitted in Anas’ defence.

Judge Ismail Shafiu yesterday ruled that Anas was guilty of the offense in light of the evidence and testimonies of the prosecution. He was sentenced to five months and 19 days in jail.