My rivals will distribute money, grab it: Nasheed

Former President and Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed giving a speech in Maradhoofeydhoo, Addu City as part of the MDP presidential primary campaign. | Photo: Simwa

Addu City, Maldives – Former President and Parliament Speaker Mohammed Nasheed has called on the people to grab the money given by his rival and his team to buy votes in the MDP presidential primary.

Speaking at a meeting with MDP members in Maradhoofeydhoo last night, Nasheed said his rivals would give money to the people to buy votes this time.

Although Nasheed stated that his rivals will distribute money to coincide with the party’s internal elections, he did not name anyone. But, the relationship between his oldest close ally, incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who is contesting the election, has deteriorated.

Nasheed said there is no need to look at who is distributing the money in the islands and he asked the MDP members to grab the money as soon as it’s offered.

“If you’re being given MVR 10,000, say MVR 20,000 and take that as well. Take it and leave half of it for September 9. We’ve won this election, there’s no doubt in my heart about that,” he said.

“You take that money, all of you. I want to tell all the people of the country this and especially the MDP members at this time. Holding the black bag, I won’t mention the names, you know who is distributing the money in your village,” Nasheed said.

Noting that elections are expensive, Nasheed said the primary campaign has achieved two things. It is the MDP presidential ticket and the expenses for the presidential election, Nasheed said. He thanked his rival financiers for that and said it would be better to give more money.

The MDP presidential primary is being contested by Speaker Nasheed and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. The primary will be held on this coming Saturday.