Disability allowance increased to MVR 3,000 with additional benefits

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih meets group of visually-impaired and blind people, inquires about concerns In 2021. | Photo: PO

The allowance for persons with disabilities has been increased to MVR 3,000.

Previously, people with disabilities were given an allowance of MVR 2,000 per month. However, with today’s change, the allowance for people with disabilities has been categorised and the minimum amount of the allowance will be increased to MVR 3,000.

According to NSPA, an allowance of MVR 1,000 in addition to the current MVR 2,000 allowance will be paid to all eligible people. Additional allowances are available to certain groups.

An additional allowance of MVR 2,000 as care allowance for those who are unable to live on their own or bedridden, and an allowance of MVR 1,000 for basic needs, as self-care allowance for such persons.

Also, if there are more than three persons with disabilities in the same household, they will get an additional MVR 1,000 each.

Aasandha Managing Director Ismail Azzam Wajeeh told at todays press conference that some people will get an allowance of MVR 6,000 with the changes.

As of May 2023, there are 11,371 registered persons with disabilities in Maldives. They include 6,645 males and 4,726 females.

  • Physical disability: 3,045 people
  • Mental disability: 2,461 people
  • People with more than one disability: 1,986 people
  • Hearing and speech disabilities: 1,517 people
  • Visually impaired: 876 people
  • Autism: 628 people
  • Mental disability: 125 people
  • Learning disabilities: 63 people