Nine reported dead in India power plant fire

Local media reports said the fire broke out late on Thursday night and burned into Friday. Photo by TNN.

Telangana, India — A fire that broke-out at a hydro electric power plant in Telangana reportedly kills nine people.

According to the state power generation corporation, the bodies were found while in a search for the employees that were working underground at the Srisailam plant.

The fire broke out late on Thursday night and had burned into Friday, trapping the workers of the plant, local media reports. The reports also said that the fire has now been extinguished.

The Telangana State Power Generation Corporation (TSGenco) stated that at the time of the fire, there were 17 employees inside the building.

“Eight of them managed to come out of the station with injuries, nine others remained trapped inside as they were trying their best to put out the fire and save the power plant from being burnt completely,” the statement said.

While offering his condolences, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi tweeted saying that, “Fire at the Srisailam hydroelectric plant is deeply unfortunate. My thoughts are with the bereaved families. I hope those injured recover at the earliest.”