Police make drug arrests in 4 different atolls

Police pile up packets of drugs which they had confiscated before to be destroyed | Photo: Maldives Police Service

Male’, Maldives- Maldives Police Service(MPS) have said that following anti-drug operations in 4 different atolls, they have arrested 8 individuals suspected of various drug charges.

In a statement earlier today, MPS revealed that individuals were arrested from N.Velidhoo, Th.Vilufushi, Dh.Kudahuvadhoo, M.Veyvashu.

Detailing the arrests, police stated that from Veldihoo, 4 Males aged 32, 34, 31 and 36 were remanded with 7 packets of suspected illegal drugs. They were arrested yesterday after being questioned by patrolling officers who suspected they were under the influence.

The next arrest, made in Velidhoo was carried out after Police Intelligence received information that a drug business was going on in the area. Investigations led to a 26 year old local man, being remanded for 10 days.

The Kudahuvadhoo arrest was made after it was suspected that illegal drug trafficking and usage was being carried out in the area. The final arrest, in M.Veyvashu, was of an individual attempting to smuggle drugs to the island from Male’ City.

Police have been carrying out multiple anti-drug operations as of late, with multiple arrests have being made these past few weeks. They have also opened opportunities for the general public to witness and observe the disposal of 200kg of drugs that were confiscated during the drug operations held on September and October.