Nine arrested in inter-atoll drug operation

Drug Enforcement Department during a drug bust | Photo: Maldives Police Service

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Police Service has revealed that they have arrested nine individuals in a drug bust that was carried out in Sh. Kanditheemu and in Lh. Hinnavaru.

Police informed that they conducted three operations in relation to the drug bust operation held in Lh. Hinnavaru in which they had arrested eight individuals suspected to be involved in smuggling drugs into the island.

The drug operation that was held in Lh. Hinnavaru was held in January 22, where the Police tracked a suspected boat containing drugs traveling from Male’ to Lh. Hinnavaru. Police informed that they arrested one individual from this operation when they had found drugs from a box in the suspected boat.

From the second operation that was held in Lh. Hinnavaru on January 26th, Police informed that they confiscated 19 rubber packets suspected to be drugs from a place in Hinnavaru. Police stated that through this operation, they arrested a two women (35, 33) and two men (28, 31) for testing positive for drugs. Police informed that Lh. Hinnavaru Magistrate Court had remanded these individuals for 8 days.

The third operation conducted in Lh. Hinnavaru was on January 27th with the help of an intel police received about the use of drugs between certain individuals. Police informed that they had searched three individuals regarding this and found 17 packets suspected to be drugs.

Police noted that they arrested 3 more men (37, 23, 33) in relation to this operation. The Magistrate Court had remanded the 37 year old for six days and five days for the remaining two individuals.

The ninth individual was arrested from a drug operation that was held in Sh. Kanditheemu on January 29th. Police informed that the man (29) was in possesion of rubber packets that were suspected to have been drugs.