Civil Court closed 2,394 cases in 2020

Justice Building in the capital city of Male', where the Civil Court is located at | Photo: Hussain Waheed

Male, Maldives- Statistics released by the Civil Court reveal that they have closed a total of 2,394 cases in 2020.

The reports detailed that these included 1,574 cases that were not concluded in 2019, along with some of the 3,578 cases submitted to the court in 2020.

Further details reveal that cases not concluded in 2020 reach to 2,758. Of these, 678 cases have been in court for more than a year. In addition, the court disclosed that 59.6 percent of all cases submitted in 2020 were solved without reaching hearings. This amounted to 1,377 cases.

Civil court explained that in 2021, they plan to proceed with cases in 3 phases. The first phase being allocated to solve the 678 cases that have been in the court for more than a year. And in the second month, they will prioritize cases that have taken more than 6 months to be solved. With their aim in the third phase being to complete more cases than the court receives.

Covid-19 lockdowns caused massive delays in various courts in the Maldives, with many courts opting to hold hearings online. However the weeks of delays are still reflected in the number of unsolved cases year.