Covid-19 cases in Maafushi rises above 300!

Aerial view of Maafushi | Photo: Phaisal Photos

Kaafu Atoll, Maldives —The Health Protection Agency (HPA) stated that the positive cases in well known budget tourist destination of Maldives, Maafushi has increased upto 349 over the past few days.

The Manager of Maafushi Health Center, Salman Rasheed detailed that they have restricted entry to a total of 98 houses in the island due to the Covid-19 virus. However, he stated that while the number of cases increased by a rapid rate over the past two weeks, the amount of people consulting the flu clinic has considerably decreased now.

Salman informed that they have been sending the critical Covid-19 patients in Maafushi to Hulhumale’ Covid facility and that so far eight people have been transferred to the facility.

Maafushi, located in the south Malé atoll, is one of the first islands opened for local tourism in 2010. Maafushi Island is the center of budget tourism in the country and has a number of popular guesthouses for tourists.

The island was placed under monitoring on April 20, after recording a positive case that went to a flu clinic. Since then a total of 349 people have tested positive for the virus from the island and HPA has restricted  travel, in and out of the island until the monitoring status is lifted after contact tracing and sampling is done.

Number of daily cases have been at an all time high these past two weeks in the Maldives with the highest number of daily cases recorded in Maldives on May 2 with 508 cases and on May 3 with 585 cases.