Police reveal identity of migrant worker suspected of Dhangethi murder

The water well in ADh Dhangethi where the victim was found | Photo: Adhadhu

ADh. Atoll, Maldives – The Maldives Police Service have identified the prime suspect of the Dhangethi murder as a migrant worker from Bangladesh, Shah Alom Mia (29).

Police state that the suspect is now remanded to 15 days in custody by the ADh. Dhangethi Magistrate Court with conclusive evidence linking the suspect to the crime.

Upon investigation the Police have found no other suspects have been linked to the murder.

Maldives Police Service

With this, the police have released all other suspects arrested for the Dhangethi murder investigation, including a female suspect (21) and male suspects belonging to AA. Thoddoo aged 20 and 31.

Police further stated that multiple evidences including the victim’s cell phone and national identity card were found buried at the residence of the migrant worker.

The Police have identified the victim as Dhangethi businessman Mahmood Abu Bakr (57) whose body was disposed in a water well at an abandoned house on the island on 14 October 2021.