MACL plans to ease departure procedures

Ukraine plane at Velana International Airport | Photo:

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Airport Company Limited (MACL) has revealed that the company plans to ease current departure procedures from Velana International Airport.

Acting Manager Ibrahim Thoha said that as per these plans, passengers will no longer be required to queue up outside the departure terminal, but would instead directly go inside the check in counters at the main hall.

“What happens now is passengers need to stay outside in the queue for a long time. It’s so hot outside. Passengers aren’t happy with this. But all these difficulties will be resolved if passengers are able to directly do inside into the air conditioned terminal.” Thoha said.

“Baggage screening in foreign airports also can’t be seen. That screen is at the back [of the checkin counters],” He further added.

He said that while the aim is to complete the new terminal by next year, they want to improve passenger experience prior to that as well.

As such, MACL plans to install self check in kiosks and bag drop services as well.

“These are things we do to improve efficiency due to the area being a small space. Other international airports also ensure efficiency through automation, or technology that increases the speed of the process.” Thoha said.

He detailed that the baggage screening at the entrance of the departure terminal currently would be changed to another system after relocating the offices in that area, further adding that this would be done by October or November of this year.

“However, we do face big challenges when it comes to shipping due to delays.” Highlighting difficulties bringing even machinery equipment for the airport.

While the company plans to bring other equipment such as transport buses, Thoha said that even if infrastructure changes are not significant, process efficiency is vital and a main goal.