MDP commences #Baakeenuvey campaign to counter “India Out” movement

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) with Speaker Mohamed Nasheed (R) | Photo: TOI

Malé, Maldives – Ruling party MDP on Thursday commenced social media campaign with the hashtag #Baakeenuvey even as opposition floods timelines with “India Out” graphics.

Speaker Mohamed Nasheed and MDP authority figures are using the #Baakeenuvey, meaning “Don’t Separate,” as a call to action to not break ties with India.

Earlier today, Speaker Nasheed tweeted, urging political leaders to not take actions that would alienate Maldives.

The low numbers who participate in the [India Out] campaign is proof that there is no support by Maldivians.

Speaker Mohamed Nasheed

Supporters of the #Baakeenuvey campaign are promoting the aid by India to Maldives including the Covid-19 vaccine donations, medical tourism in India and projects in progress with Line of Credit by India.

Meanwhile, the opposition is flooding social media with new graphics for the recently outlawed “India Out” campaign, with new hashtag #Dhashunuvey. The new campaign alleges that “every day that the Maldives stays in India’s tightening grip puts out sovereignty at risk.”

The campaign is also calling the Minister of Defence Mariya Didi and Chief of Defence Force Major General Abdulla Shamaal traitors. While the opposition alleges that there are Indian military personnel based in Maldives, the government has repeatedly denied this claim.