Speaker Nasheed’s lawyers granted permission to observe May 6 terror attack trials

Police at the scene where an explosion took place on May 6, 2021 leaving Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed injured | Photo: Airdrie Today

Malé, Maldives – Criminal Court of Maldives on Sunday granted permission to the lawyers of the victim of May 6 bomb blast Speaker Mohamed Nasheed to observe the trials.

Nazim Sattar from Speaker Nasheed’s law team proposed four lawyers as observers to the May 6 trials on Thursday. The team proposed that two lawyers must be present during each hearing of suspected perpetrators of the crime.

The four lawyers include three lawyers from The Litigants LLP; Nazim Sattar, Fathhulla Ali and Ahmed Niyaz, and Kirsty Brimelow from Doughty Street Chambers.

Nasheed’s lawyers have requested to observe the trials of 12 individuals including that of Adhuham Ahmed Rasheed, Thahumeen Ahmed, Mujaaz Ahmed, Ali Haisham, Ishaq, Fahmy Ali, Mohamed Nazim, Mohamed Thasleem and Abdulla Ali Manik who are being charged under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (No. 32/2015) for their involvement in the May 6 blast. The lawyers are also seeking to observe the trials of Hassan Yaseen and Mohamed Zoomal Zameer who are not charged directly for the May 6 attack.