Government upholds moratorium on the death penalty

The Minister of Home Affairs, Imran Abdullah | Photo: Majlis

Malé, Maldives – Minister of Home Affairs Imran Abdulla on Monday stated that the incumbent plans to uphold the moratorium on the death penalty as the Maldives have continued to do during the previous governments.

Answering a question by MP for Mahibadoo Constituency Ahmed Thariq, regarding the incumbent government’s stance on the execution for death penalty verdicts by the Supreme Court, Minister Imran stated that the government will continue the moratorium as the Maldives has continued for the past five decades.

The Minister highlighted that this is not a decision introduced by the incumbent government, but a tradition continued for decades.

The death penalty execution is being used as a political tool.

Home Minister Imran

Minister Imran also pointed out that the former government lead by opposition leader Yameen Abdul Gayoom also did not implement the death penalty and has maintained the moratorium.

Regarding this, running mate to former President Yameen, Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed stated that when the presidential term ended all preparations were made to execute death penalties. The policies and guidelines were passed by the former government cabinet.

Foreign powers wished to oust the [former] government due to [its plan to execute death penalty.]

Former Minister of Islamic Affairs & running mate Shaheem

Shaheem further stated that ex-President Yameen held discussions with religious scholars regarding the Islamic Sharia rulings for executions.