Covid-19: Foreigners detained in North Korea

The Jakarta Post

North Korea has quarantined an estimate of 380 foreigners in an attempt to stop the covid-19 from spreading in the country. News agency Yonhap, confirmed that most of the foreigners are diplomats posted in the capital city, Pyongyang. It is not decided how long this new quarantine for the foreigners will last.

It is also confirmed that around 200 foreigners had been confined to their compounds for 30 days prior to this, with this being an extension to the quarantine duration.

Although North Korea has not confirmed any cases of covid-19 yet, this is seemingly a precautionary measure given that they share a border with China.

So far, 79,000 people have been globally reported for being infected by covid-19, out of which China has about 77,150 cases, mostly from Hubei province.

Death toll of china has reached up to 2,592 while Japan has 4 death cases and 838 cases (including cases from a ship docked in Yokohama).

South Korea has confirmed 763 cases and 7 deaths.


Contributed by: Aminath Zuha